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Every home wish has its unique charm and challenges. At First Service, we understand these dreams and work hard to be your trusted partner in making them a reality.
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Guiding Your Homeownership Journey

Purchasing a property is a pivotal moment. Aligning with a trusted lending partner can make all the difference.

Our specialized home loan experts ensure each client experiences tailored assistance. We guide you in exploring the best financing solutions, understanding the intricacies of mortgage applications, and providing continued support at every turn.

The cornerstone of a smooth home purchase is obtaining a mortgage pre-qualification. We prioritize providing swift, accurate information and decision-making, allowing you to determine your budget and house-hunt with assurance. Continue reading to discover how we streamline your start into home-buying!

Embark on Your Pre-Qualification Path

Your journey simplified into three steps!

  • 1. Begin the Conversation

    Connect with our experts to discuss your goals.
  • 2. Secure Pre-Qualification

    With insights into your employment background and credit rating, we'll pinpoint the perfect mortgage match.
  • 3. Start Your Home Search

    Hop on your property hunt, boosted by a defined budget and the backing of a trustworthy lender.


Highlighting Our Mortgage Benefits

  • Flexible Funding

    Funds for down payment or closing costs can come from gifts, lender grants, Community Seconds®, with no personal funds needed.
  • Competitive Mortgage Rates

    Pre-qualify today to secure attractive rates with our seasoned team.1
  • As Low as 3% Down Payment

    We'll identify the most suitable mortgage tailored to your needs.
  • Swift Pre-Qualification

    Fast-track your property search by getting pre-qualification early.
  • Flexible Terms

    Choose from a variety of terms, spanning up to 30 years, for a loan that aligns with your financial plans.
  • Personal Support

    Rely on our local mortgage consultants, who remain dedicated throughout your home-buying adventure.

Let's Make Your Dream Home a Reality

For updated rates, questions, or assistance, stop by one of our 14 Houston-area branches, give us a call, or fill out the form below to get started.