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Account Alerts

Advanced fraud detection, instant notification

First Service offers several ways for you to stay informed and on top of your financial activity with both automatic and customizable alerts.

Fraud Text Alerts

Together with Visa®, we use state-of-the-art fraud detection technology to monitor your account for suspicious transactions around the clock. This is done automatically without any action on your part. If we spot any unusual credit or debit card activity, we’ll send you a text message to alert you within minutes. You can quickly respond with a text message to validate the transaction or alert us if the transaction was unauthorized. If the transaction was not authorized, Visa will immediately block your card and contact you to prevent any further fraudulent activity.1

Digital Banking Alerts

With First Service Digital Banking, you can set up customizable alerts for almost any activity. You can sign up to receive an email, a text message, or a push notification to your phone when important activity occurs, including:

  • Credential Change – Receive an alert whenever your username or password is changed
  • Account Login – Receive an alert whenever there is a new login to your account
  • Password Reset Request – Receive an alert whenever there is a new login to your account
  • Balance Summary – Receive an alert every year, month, week, or day with an update on your current balance
  • Balance Amount – Receive an alert when your account balance goes above or below a certain amount
  • Transaction Size – Receive an alert whenever there's a new transaction above or below a certain amount
  • Balance Change – Receive an alert whenever there's a new deposit to or withdrawal from your account
  • Loan Payment Due – Receive an alert a specified number of days before your loan payment is due

Visa Purchase Alerts

Easily stay on top of your finances by signing up to receive a text or email alert for your Visa® card transactions. Visa Purchase Alerts will give you real-time notifications to help you identify suspicious activity, fast. You can customize your alerts for a variety of transaction triggers, from purchases over a certain amount to international purchases.2

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