Woman paying at cafe with tap-to-pay card
Visa® Contactless Payment Cards

Experience Safer, Speedier Transactions

Your First Service Visa® contactless debit and credit card brings both security and convenience to your transactions. Simply tap and go!

Effortless Shopping with First Service Contactless Cards

  • Enhanced Security

    With every tap, a unique transaction code ensures your card details remain confidential.
  • Swift Checkout

    Minimize your checkout time. Just tap to pay and you're good to go!
  • Hands-Free Payments

    Transact at numerous outlets without any direct contact. It’s cleanliness and convenience combined.

Utilizing Your Contactless Payment Card

Get started in three straightforward steps

Universal Contactless Payment Symbol

Spot the Symbol

Look for the Contactless Symbol when you're ready to check out.

Tap Card to Payment Terminal icon

Tap & Pay

Hold your First Service Visa® card to the checkout terminal.

Hand Holding a Receipt iconComplete Transaction

Securely finalize your payment and be on your way in seconds.

Activating Your New Contactless Card

Recently received a new contactless debit or credit card? Follow these simple steps to kick-start its functionality:

  1. Call (800) 505-2184 to activate your card and set up your PIN (if needed).

  2. Sign the back of your card for added security.

  3. Integrate it into your monthly payments routine and add it as the primary method on your most-used shopping platforms.

Contactless Card FAQs