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You First Foundation

Compassionate Aid for Families in Crisis

In the shadow of personal tragedy and loss, the human spirit's resilience shines brightest. The You First Foundation stands as a testament to this strength, emerging from the heartache of a friend and colleague's untimely departure. Wendy Kwan's memory lives on through our compassionate mission: providing solace and support to those reeling from brain injuries and the tumultuous journeys that follow.
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Enriching Lives, One Family at a Time

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Honoring Wendy Kwan: Building Hope Amidst Trauma

The You First Foundation was established in memory of Wendy Kwan, a cherished friend lost at 34 to a brain aneurysm while carrying her second child. First Service Credit Union employees united in love for Wendy and her family, aiming to ease similar families' burdens amid traumatic and unexpected events by raising funds and offering support

Embracing Families, Fostering Research, Envisioning Futures

Our Threefold Path to Making a Difference

  • Advancing Medical Excellence

    In partnership with leading neurointensive and neurorecovery centers, we champion the progress of brain injury research, aspiring to turn today's discoveries into tomorrow's treatments.
  • Alleviating Financial Hardship

    For families struck by sudden medical crises, we're a pillar of financial and emotional support, ensuring the road to recovery is free from monetary worries.
  • Empowering Educational Aspirations

    Through scholarships, we invest in the education of children affected by brain injuries, helping them pursue their dreams despite life's unexpected turns.

Join Hands with the You First Foundation

Engage with a community that believes in recovery, rejoices in research, and invests in resilience. Your involvement with the You First Foundation propels us forward, bringing hope where it's needed most and honoring a legacy that continues to inspire. Together, we can transform a moment of grief into a movement of healing and growth. Learn more about the You First Foundation, explore how you can contribute, and witness the impact of your support!

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