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Discover a checking account that not only keeps your finances in check but also offers rewarding benefits. Whether you're just embarking on your financial journey with your very first checking account or you're a seasoned pro seeking above-average dividends, First Service Credit Union is the ideal choice. Enjoy a perfect blend of unmatched rewards and essential features that streamline your money management experience.
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Checking Account FAQs

Most of our checking accounts require no minimum balance. For specifics on each of our checking account types, visit the pages linked below:

Checking your balance is easy. Your balance is shown immediately when you log in to First Service Digital Banking on your desktop or in the mobile app on the Accounts Summary page. You can also check your balance at over 85,000 ATMs within the Shared ATM network.

The actual balance is the total amount of funds in your account. It does not reflect pending transactions, which have not fully processed and cleared your account — the available balance does. The available balance is the amount of the actual balance that is available for transactions.

You should only make transactions against the available balance. If you exceed the available balance, even though the actual balance may be greater, you may overdraw your account. This may result in bounced transactions, returned items, and service charges due to non-sufficient funds. For more details how transactions are processed and the order and timeframe in which they are paid, please see the Funds Availability Policy in the Member Service Agreement.

To check your available balance, log in to First Service Digital Banking on desktop on on the FSCU mobile app. You can also check your balance at over 30,000 ATMs within the Shared ATM network.

  1. After opening the app and logging in, open the Navigation Menu in the top left corner.
  2. Navigate to Mobile Deposit.
  3. You will be prompted with an instruction to write “For Mobile Deposit Only” on the back of the check under your signature. Press Ok to proceed.
  4. Choose the account to which you would like to deposit the check. If you have access to another membership, you can select the button in the lower right corner to see all available accounts associated with each membership.
  5. Fill in the amount of the check where asked.
  6. Click Check Front to use your device’s camera to capture an image of the front of the check.
  7. Click Check Back to use your device’s camera to capture an image of the back of the check.
  8. Click Submit and follow the prompts to finalize your deposit.

Generally, our policy is to make deposits available to you immediately or by the end of the same day, but deposit times vary depending on when and where you make them. For information on deposit holds, you may review our terms and conditions within the Funds Availability Policy.

You can use First Service Digital Banking to monitor your account balances and verify when deposits have become available.

ATM deposits are available at a select number of locations. You can search for a deposit-taking ATM nearby online or within First Service Digital Banking.

There are several ways to clear up a negative balance: