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Business Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Maximize Earnings with Business CD Accounts

Smart financial decisions are the backbone of every successful business. First Service Credit Union offers businesses like yours an opportunity to earn more with less hassle. Start earning more and dive into the benefits of our Certificate of Deposit (CD) accounts specially tailored for business members.
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Why Choose First Service’s Business CD Accounts?

  • Federally Insured

    We prioritize the safety of your hard-earned money. Rest easy knowing your savings in our CD accounts are federally insured up to $250,000.
  • Free eStatements

    Say goodbye to traditional paper statements. With our free eStatements, quickly access and review your account details at the tip of your fingers. Efficient and eco-friendly!
  • Guaranteed Earnings

    Experience the benefits of high dividends, ensuring that your business's funds grow steadily at a fixed rate. An ideal choice to maintain cash reserves while earning consistent returns.
  • Hassle-free Start

    Kickstart your business's financial growth journey with just a $1,000 opening deposit. No massive commitments, just an easy gateway to increased earnings.

Align Your Business Finances with Future Goals

Make the most of your funds without compromising liquidity. Our CD accounts provide the perfect balance for businesses looking to expand and flourish. Whether you're safeguarding your capital for an upcoming project or setting aside profits, our business CDs offer a blend of security and growth.

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Ready to Start?

Opt for a CD account tailored to your business's needs and watch your financial future soar. Open your Business Certificate of Deposit online, visit a branch, or contact our dedicated business team for assistance.