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From Humble Beginnings to Modern Marvels

Established over four decades ago, First Service Credit Union remains Houston's beacon of financial solidarity. Today, our influence stretches across 14 branches, boasting assets exceeding $1.4 billion and a family of over 98,000 members.

A Journey Through Time

1977: The Visionary Beginnings

On the eve of November 21, fifteen visionaries from Brown & Root birthed the Brownbuilder Federal Credit Union. A dream forged to uplift those still reeling from the 1973 oil debacle, the Credit Union aimed to empower its members towards financial prosperity. Within months, the doors of Brownbuilder were thrown open to the community, promising a financial renaissance.

1980s to 2000s: A Period of Exponential Expansion

Throughout the late 20th century, the credit union cemented its footprint across Houston. With each passing decade, our dedication to evolving with the technological tide was evident. From erecting ATMs in 1991, launching a digital window to the world in 1998, to pioneering online banking services, we ensured that our members were always ahead of the curve.

The millennium witnessed the metamorphosis of Brownbuilder into a community-chartered credit union, amplifying our outreach. This spirit of resilience was showcased when we stood by our members during the 2008 financial turmoil. The year 2010 marked a pivotal merger with First Service Credit Union, rebranding our legacy.

2010s to Now: A Commitment that Echoes "For You, Not Profit"

Our evolution doesn’t end with a name. We've consistently enhanced member experiences, riding the waves of technological advancements. In 2022, we joined forces with People’s Trust Federal Credit Union, retaining our cherished name, First Service. We envision a future where our legacy thrives, and our members enjoy unparalleled service.

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