Getting Prepared for Hurricane Season

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Hurricanes, with their torrential rain, ferocious winds, and potential for flooding, can be devastating. Fortunately, we typically have some lead time before they strike, allowing for essential preparations. This 2023 guide will share modern and comprehensive tips for ensuring the safety of your family, securing your finances, and safeguarding your home during hurricane season.

Preparing Your Family for Hurricane Season

Family is always a priority. Ensuring everyone is safe and understands their role in the face of a hurricane is crucial. Here’s how you can do that:

Create and Discuss Your Emergency Plan

Incorporating all household members, including pets, is vital. Regularly review and update your plan with the following considerations:

  • Weather conditions triggering the plan
  • Assigned responsibilities and roles
  • Evacuation routes and meeting points
  • Plans around work, school, or daycare disruptions
  • Updated emergency contact list, featuring family and close friends

Stock up on Essential Supplies

FEMA recommends a 3-day supply of necessities. This includes:

  • A gallon of water per person per day
  • Nonperishable foods and a non-electric can opener
  • Medical essentials: Medications and a first aid kit
  • Power solutions: Flashlights and a camp stove
  • Cleaning essentials, and more

Financial Preparedness Tips for Hurricanes

Hurricanes can result in unexpected expenses. Here's how to ensure financial readiness:

Double-Check Your Insurance: Regularly review medical, home, and auto insurance. Seek professional advice to understand the scope of your coverage, focusing on areas like flood and wind damage, temporary living costs, and coverage on personal belongings.

Have Cash On Hand: Despite the conveniences of mobile wallets and cards, power outages can render them useless. It's advisable to have at least $500 in cash for emergencies.

Create an Emergency Fund: Aim for a minimum of $1,000, easily accessible. Depending on your financial situation and insurance deductibles, consider saving up to 3-6 months' worth of earnings.

Protect Vital Documents: Use waterproof storage for physical documents and utilize cloud storage for digital copies.

Securing Your Home Against Hurricanes

Your home is a sanctuary and likely your most significant investment. If you’re in a hurricane-prone region like the Gulf Coast, take these precautionary steps:

Inspect and Maintain Your Roof: A sturdy roof is crucial. Seek professional guidance for potential vulnerabilities and solutions.

Clean and Secure Your Gutters: Properly functioning gutters can prevent water damage. Regular checks, cleanings, and necessary repairs are a must.

Secure Outdoor Belongings: High winds can turn outdoor items into projectiles. Store or adequately secure them.

Reinforce Windows and Doors: Strengthen them against high winds and flying debris. Utilize storm shutters and plywood as added protective layers.

Plan for Power Loss: Expect outages and prepare accordingly. Consider investments in backup power sources or simple solutions like thick curtains for insulation.

Know Your Shut-Off Points: Familiarize yourself with gas, water, or power shut-off points. Connect with local service providers for guidance.

Leverage Home Equity for Hurricane Preparedness

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