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For You at Work: Enhance Employee Benefits

Our For You at Work program allows Preferred Business Partners to attract top talent by providing employees with a top-notch financial experience. We can offer your employees benefits, education, and financial opportunities that enrich their everyday lives. We can even host in-person seminars just for your organization.

Equip Your Employees with Financial Excellence

Introducing the For You at Work program - a strategic collaboration between First Service and our Preferred Business Partners. Designed to enhance employee financial experience, our program boosts your company’s appeal, attracting top talent. From comprehensive benefits to hands-on financial seminars, we’re here to ensure your workforce thrives.

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Unlock Membership Benefits

All employees of our Preferred Business Partners are entitled to exclusive member benefits. From premium banking options to personalized financial advice, there's always more in store.

  • Opening Deposit Waived

    First Service covers the minimum opening deposit for both checking and savings accounts.
  • Checking Account Bonus

    Members receive 500 free points if they open a Free Checking with Debit Rewards account or enjoy a 1st-month fee waiver if they open High Yield Checking.
  • Cash Bonus for Direct Deposit

    Members receive $250 cash upon activating direct deposit.1
  • Early Payday

    Employees receive their direct deposit up to two days early.2
  • Credit Review

    Complimentary credit report assessment and consultations.
  • Financial Guidance

    Access to enlightening webinars and seminars spearheaded by our financial experts.
  • Investment Guidance

    Complimentary financial consultations with our seasoned First Service Wealth Management advisors.3
  • Bonus for Car Financing

    $200 Cash Bonus on auto loans, including refinances from other lenders.4
  • Bonus for Home Financing

    Enjoy up to a $500 cash bonus with qualifying home loans.5
  • Free Skip a Pay

    Opportunity to skip a qualifying loan payment once a year at no cost.
  • ATM Fee Refunds

    One foreign (non-First Service) ATM fee refund monthly.
  • Overdraft Forgiveness

    Three Courtesy Pay refunds every year, on us.

Join the For You at Work Revolution

Ready to redefine employee benefits with our customized financial offerings? Drop us a message below and we'll guide you through.