Co-op Shared Branches

Local and Nationwide Banking Options

First Service members have access to over 5,600 Co-op Shared Branches. This means that if you are not located near a First Service branch, or you are out of town on vacation or business, you can conduct many financial transactions at a participating credit union or self-service location near you.
Find a Shared Branch

What Can I Do at a Shared Branch?

  • Loan Payments

    Make a payment on your FSCU loan with cash or check.
  • Make Deposits

    Deposit cash or checks to your First Service accounts.
  • Withdraw Funds

    Withdraw up to $500 in cash, or by check up to the amount of available funds authorized by First Service.
  • Transfer Funds

    Move money between your checking and savings accounts.
  • Loan Advances

    Loan Advances can be made by cash or check.
  • Print Statements

    Request a print of your last 10 transactions, including your balance.

Other services available at a Shared Branch may include Cashier's Checks, Gift Cards, Money Orders, and Traveler's Checks. Services may vary by location so please confirm with the Shared Branch for available services and any applicable fees. Funds availability may also vary.

Co-op Shared Branch FAQs

When you visit a Co-op Shared Branch location, walk up to the teller and let them know that you would like to make a shared branching transaction. You will need to provide:

  1. The name of your credit union (First Service Credit Union)
  2. Your account number at First Service Credit Union
  3. A valid government issued photo ID, such as:
    • Driver’s License
    • State ID
    • Passport
    • U.S. Military Identification
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Resident Alien Card
  4. Your telephone number
  5. Last four digits of your Social Security Number
There is not a fee for common transactions at a Shared Branch. There may be a fee for other services such as Cashier's Checks and Gift Cards.
You can use our Branches & ATM Locator to find a Co-op Shared Branch. Or look for the Co-op Shared Branch logo at a credit union near you.
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