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What You Can Do with the App

The FSCU Digital Banking app is more than just a place to check your balances. This advanced, robust tool allows you to take full control over your finances by giving you so many ways to manage your First Service accounts from anywhere.

    Internal & External Transfers

    Securely transfer money to anyone in just a few quick taps.

    Future Transfers

    Schedule and manage transfers for a future date.

    Block or Unblock Cards

    Manage all First Service cards at your convenience.

    Deposit Checks Remotely

    Deposit checks from anywhere and access your money quickly.35

    Online Loan Applications

    Apply for the funds you need in minutes with our safe, convenient, loan application.

    Pay Bills Online

    Utilize Online Bill Pay safely no matter where you may be.

    Make Loan Payments

    Pay your First Service loan online with several convenient payment options.

    Redeem Debit Rewards

    View and redeem debit reward points for cash any time you want.

    Manage Account Alerts

    Add alerts to your account or edit existing alerts from our mobile app.

Need some help getting started? Click below to learn how to take full advantage of the new digital banking platform and mobile app.


Digital Wallet Compatibility

All First Service debit and credit cards are compatible with popular digital wallet programs, such as Apple Pay36 , Google Pay37 , and Samsung Pay38 . Digital wallets offer an added layer of protection to each transaction by using advanced encryption technology instead of your card number or banking information. Anyone who enjoys the convenience of banking on the go should also take advantage of the security offered by a digital wallet.