It’s easy to set up or switch your direct deposit!

No paper forms or voided checks required. It's simple, safe and secure! All you need are the login credentials of your payroll or benefits provider (such as ADP, Workday, Paychex, VA, SSA, etc.).

Step One

Step 1

Switch your direct deposit within digital banking by selecting “Set Up Direct Deposit” in the menu.

Step Two

Step 2

Wait for your direct deposit to hit your account (typically 1-2 pay cycles)

Step Three

Step 3

Collect a $50-$125 bonus each month you receive a direct deposit!

Get the Most out of Your Paycheck

Having your direct deposit with First Service comes with several benefits.

    Get Paid Early

    Enjoy access to your money up to two days early when you set up direct deposit.67

    Up to $250 Bonus

    Get up to $250 extra when you set up at least $1,000 in monthly direct deposits.139

    Unlock Higher APYs

    Members with direct deposit can earn higher rates on High Yield Checking and Bump Up CDs.

Direct Deposit FAQs

Direct deposit is a form of electronic payment using the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Direct deposit is primarily used by employers to pay employees and by government agencies for payments such as social security and VA benefits.

Most employers process payroll a few days before payday, and most banks wait until payday to give you access to your funds. At First Service, we give you access to your funds up to two days early, so you don’t have to wait to pay off expenses, struggle at the end of a pay period, or say “no” to an outing with friends. With early access to your funds, you can make waiting for your paycheck a thing of the past.

You can switch your direct deposit in under 5 minutes with just a few steps:

  1. Log in at or in the FSCU Digital Banking app.
  2. In the side menu, navigate to Set Up Direct Deposit.
  3. Choose the account for your deposits.
  4. Search for and select your employer, payroll system, or benefits provider. If you can't find your employer by name, you may need to search for your payroll provider instead.
  5. Log in to your employee or benefits account.
  6. Confirm your paycheck distribution, and you'll be done!


Depending on the time of submission and your pay cycle, it will usually take 2-4 weeks.

You will receive your bonus pay out the first day of the month after each qualifying direct deposit is received.

Yes, you can choose between a fixed amount or a percentage when setting up new paycheck distributions.