Secure your child's future when you start saving today.

Secure your child's future with a high dividend custodial account, also known as a Uniform Transfers to Minors Act. The account is opened in your child’s name, and you have complete account control over it until they turn 21. Until then, you can gift or transfer assets to your custodial account to save for their education or any expense that benefits your son or daughter.


UTMA Custodial Account Features

    Custodial Access

    Retain control of your child's savings until they come of age.

    No Contribution Limits

    You can contribute as much as you like with no maximum limits.

    Earn Dividends

    Choose from one of our four high rate accounts.

    Federally Insured

    Insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.

Investment Services

First Service also offers investment options to help you save for your child's education or plan for the future. Our First Service Wealth Management advisors listen to your goals, assess your risks, and develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve them.30

Our First Service Wealth Management advisors can help you with investment UTMA and 529 accounts as well as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and other options to help reach your goals. Contact us today for a complimentary in-branch consultation.

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