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Tax Refund Sweepstakes

Double Your Tax Refund

Tax Day will be here before you know it, but it never hurts to file early. In fact, we encourage it! By having your tax refund deposited into a qualifying First Service account before April 15, you'll be entered to have your refund doubled up to $2,500! 1

How it Works

  • 1. File Your Taxes

    Tax filing is open! Gather your tax documents and file your annual tax return.
  • 2. Deposit Your Tax Refund

    Make sure that your tax refund is deposited into a First Service savings account, checking account, money market account, or CD.
  • 3. Be Entered to Win Big!

    Once you have completed the first two steps, you will be automatically entered to win. Please see the rules below for more information


Finding your account number is easy. Log in to digital banking in your preferred browser and view the Accounts page. Each share will display a unique account number. Select your desired direct deposit account on the page and click See More Account Details to see that account's 13-digit MICR account number. This is the number you will use on your Form 8888.

First Service's routing number is 313090561.
If you’re filing electronically or using a tax preparer, simply select direct deposit as your refund method. When requested, you’ll enter the routing number and account number of your First Service share where you’d like your refund deposited. If you’re filing a paper return, you may complete Form 8888 to select direct deposit as your refund method. This form is where you will provide the routing number and account number of the First Service share where you’d like your refund deposited.
Tax documents have now been made available. If you normally receive paper statements, they will be mailed by January 31. If you normally receive eStatements, you can access them within First Service Digital Banking using the steps below.
  1. Log in to First Service Digital Banking on FSCU.com or in the FSCU Digital Banking app.
  2. Navigate to the Accounts section in the menu and select eStatements.
  3. Click the blue Open button (if you’re logging in from the website, this will open in a new tab or window.)
  4. Open your electronic statement in the Tax Statement section.
  5. Click the green and white icon on the right side of the screen to download the full document.

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No matter what you hope to achieve financially, we want to help you on your financial journey. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to double your tax refund this year!

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