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At First Service Credit Union, we understand that unexpected expenses can come up when you least expect them. That’s why we allow you to skip your qualified loan payments up to twice a year, so you can free up cash for home improvement projects, new appliances, or anything else you may need. You can skip your qualified loan payments anytime for a processing fee of $35 per payment.


Skip a Payment in Online Banking

You can use Online Banking to skip a loan payment or request assistance for loans that don’t qualify under normal circumstances.

To skip your loan payment:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click the Loans tab
  3. Click the Skip-A-Pay link
  4. Select the loan payment(s) you would like to skip. (If your loan is not eligible, click Request Assistance.)

Log in to Online Banking


*Skip-A-Pay eligibility is subject to approval. A fee of $35 will be charged for each loan on which a payment is skipped. All loans must be current and accounts must not have a negative balance. Only two skipped payments allowed in any 12 month period. Loans must have six months payment history and must have had three consecutive monthly payments to be skipped. Account must not have been more than 30 days delinquent during the past year on any loan. Regularly scheduled payments will resume after the deferral period. Interest at the agreed rate will continue to accrue on the unpaid balance of the loan. Deferment of payment will extend the life of the loan and may cause an increase in the final payment amount that was stated on the initial loan disclosures. For auto loans with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage, more than two Skip-A-Pay extensions over the term of the loan may cause a deficiency balance in the event of a total loss. Excludes real estate loans, home improvement loans, home equity loans, home equity lines of credit (HELOC),Visa® credit cards, CD secured loans, and balloon payments.