Stay in the know with purchase alerts

Stay on top of your account activity. Sign up to receive a text or email alert for your Visa® card transactions. Visa Purchase Alerts will give you real-time notifications to help you identify suspicious activity, fast.

How to Enroll

Step One


Check to see if your card is eligible

Step Two


Register your mobile device and email to receive Visa Purchase Alerts.

Step Three


Choose notification triggers, such as transactions exceeding a set amount, declined purchases, or ATM withdrawals.

Learn more about our account protections

At First Service, we know you work hard for your money; so, we take protecting it seriously. From cryptosystems to chip cards, we use the latest tools to keep you safe from predators.


Types of Alerts

    Declined Purchases

    ATM Withdrawals

    Total Spending at a Particular Merchant

    International Purchases

    Total Spending Made Outside the U.S.

    Phone or Internet Purchases

    Purchases Over a Certain Amount

    Accumulated Purchases Over a Certain Amount