Advanced fraud detection, instant notification

With cyber hacking and merchant data breaches on the rise, your account's security is our priority. Together with Visa®, we use state-of-the-art fraud detection technology to monitor your account for suspicious transactions, around the clock.

If we spot any unusual credit or debit card activity, we’ll send you a text message to alert you within minutes. You can quickly respond with a text message to validate the transaction or alert us if the transaction was unauthorized.If the transaction was not authorized, we’ll immediately block your card and contact you to prevent any further fraudulent activity.

How Fraud Text Alerts Work

Step One


Our fraud detection programs monitor your accounts for unusual activity

Step Two


We send you a text message to alert you of any suspicious transactions

Step Three


You text back to confirm or deny the charges

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At First Service, we know you work hard for your money; so, we take protecting it seriously. From cryptosystems to chip cards, we use the latest tools to keep you safe from predators.