Discovery Youth Savings Accounts Semester Earnings Official Rules

ENTRY: No purchase is necessary in order to enter for Semester Earnings. In order to enter, a primary or joint account holder must submit the child’s most recent grades using the “Semester Earnings” form available within First Service Digital Banking.

PRIZE: Each eligible Adventurer account holder (ages birth to 10) will receive a cash reward of $5 for passing all subjects. Voyager (ages 11-14) and Navigator (ages 15-17) account holders will receive a cash reward up to $10 calculated based on their GPA multiplied by 2.5. GPA will be calculated on a 4.0 scale with A (90-100) = 4, B (80-89) = 3, C (70-79) = 2, and D (60-69) = 1. The cash earnings will be deposited to the youth member’s primary share account.

ELIGIBILITY: To qualify for the Semester Earnings, an entrant must be a member in good standing of First Service Credit Union with a Discovery Youth account and not declared ineligible by these rules. By entering, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsors and the judges selected by them.

INELIGIBILITY: Any failing grades during the previous semester makes entrant ineligible for cash prizes and for entrance into the accompanying Semester Sweepstakes. Failing grades include anything below a 60 or an F letter grade.

ENTRY PERIOD: Acceptance of entries will occur each December 1 through January 31, and again June 1 through July 31. Cash earnings will be dispersed within one week of submission.