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Cash Back with Every Purchase!

Introducing Daily Cash Back Checking. It's So Easy!

COMING SOON! Our NEW Daily Cash Back Checking Account lets you earn cash every day, every time you use your debit card.1 Plus, you can opt to POWER UP your account to get additional benefits!

Unlock the Power of Your Spending

This summer we are welcoming a new era of banking with our Daily Cash Back Checking Account. Why settle for ordinary when you can get rewarded for every purchase? Enjoy cash back on all your debit card transactions, turning everyday spending into effortless savings.

Key Features of Our Daily Cash Back Checking Account

  • Cash Paid Every Day

    Earn cash back on every purchase, every day, no matter how big or small.
  • Experience Early Paydays

    Enroll in direct deposit and receive your salary up to two days in advance.
  • Instant Transfers with Zelle®

    Seamlessly transfer money to your loved ones.

Power Up Your Benefits

Take your banking experience to the next level with our exclusive Power Up feature.2 For a $9 monthly fee, unlock a suite of premium benefits designed to protect and enhance your financial life.

  • Cell Phone Protection

    Enjoy peace of mind with cell phone insurance covering up to $800 for repairs or replacements for 4 phones!
  • ID Protection

    Safeguard your identity with comprehensive ID theft protection and monitoring with reimbursement coverage up to $1,000,000.
  • Roadside Assistance

    Stay safe on the road with 24/7 roadside assistance services and fuel savings.
  • Health Discounts Savings

    Save on prescription drugs, vision, and dental with zero copay for Telehealth appointments.
  • $hopping Rewards

    Access exclusive online cash back shopping with national and local merchants.
  • Debit Advantage

    Get 90-day purchase protection on eligible purchases against accidental damage, fire, or theft.

Daily Cash Back Checking FAQs

There are no monthly fees for the Daily Cash Back Checking Account. If you choose to opt in to our Power Up program there is a $9 monthly fee.
Each time you use your debit card in person, with a digital wallet (Apple Pay / Google Pay), or when shopping online, you will earn 0.15% in cash back. At 11:59 PM each day, you will receive a deposit for any cash back you earned that day, rounded up to the nearest penny.
Cash withdrawals and electronic transfers will not earn cash back.