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Credit Cards

Own the checkout counter with your First Service Credit Union Visa®. Make payments and check statements with online banking.


Additionally, you get the rewards that you want, a low APR and our service.
Enjoy the Perks and Privileges of a Platinum Credit Card!

  • No Annual Fee – Enjoy all the benefits and privileges of your card with No Annual Fee. There’s no need to pay extra for the convenience of using credit.
  • 1% Cash Back on Balance Transfers* / No Balance Transfer Fees – Why pay for a balance transfer when First Service will PAY YOU!
    *Balances must be transferred from another financial institution. Some restrictions apply.
  • VISA Checkout – Visa Checkout saves your payment and shipping information, so you can skip the hassle of filling out forms to pay online, whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enroll your card with Visa Checkout and start experiencing a whole new way to shop. Learn more and enroll
  • 24/7 Fraud Protection – Wherever you travel, you can count on Fraud Protection Services 24/7, 365 days a year. Report lost or stolen cards or get emergency replacements.
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Annual Percentage Rate Fees
8.99% – 18.00% APR depending on creditworthiness*

• No Annual Fee
• No Balance Transfer Fee
• No Over Credit Limit Fee


Card Program Options

Rechargeable Gift Card

Load up to $1000 on a pre-paid Visa® without even applying for a credit card.

Receive 1% back on any balance transferred onto a First Service Credit Union credit card. Put it toward your balance or back into your pocket. It’s up to you.