TruStage® Whole Life Insurance

You’ve devoted your life to providing for your family. A TruStage® Whole Life Insurance policy will help you continue to provide after you’re gone. You can get peace of mind now, knowing that your final expenses will create no burden for your loved ones.

Permanent Protection, Rates Never Increase

With TruStage® Whole Life Insurance, you get permanent coverage. It never decreases, and your price never goes up. Your rate is locked in for life, even if you get sick. Once you’re approved, and as long as you make your payments, no one can cancel your coverage except you.


After you’ve passed, this policy pays an income-tax-free, cash benefit that your family can use for any reason, including funeral expenses, mortgage payments, bills, or unpaid debts.

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It takes only a few minutes to apply. Start with a monthly payment that fits your budget, and get options online or over the phone:

  • Just a few questions
  • No medical exam
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A Tradition of Strength

TruStage is part of a heritage of faithful service to credit union members spanning more than 80 years. Over 17 million people have selected TruStage for AD&D, life, auto & home insurance, and more.

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