5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home

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8/1/2018 12:00:00 AM - 3 min. read

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Home

Beginning in 2019, the Coronavirus became a destructive force the world over. The virus caused millions of people around the world to seek refuge at home, but even that comes with risks. Global pandemic aside, we should always ensure our homes are healthy, clean, and safe. After all, this is the one environment we can control. Here are five tips to keep you and your family healthy at home, regardless what’s going on outside.


1. Inspect for Contaminants

While we like to think of our homes as a shelter from external threats, there are some potential dangers that lurk inside many of our dwellings – especially in older structures. Contaminants like asbestos fibers, lead paint, and harmful mold could affect your health without your knowledge. We recommend having your home inspected and tested for known contaminants. The testing can cost a few hundred dollars, but it could uncover threats to you and your family's health.


2. Monitor What Is in the Air

While some health-damaging substances in your home are hard to spot without a professional inspection, inexpensive alarms and detectors can monitor many unseen dangers. The most common of these safety devices remains the smoke alarm plus a carbon monoxide detector. As a general rule of thumb, most experts advise having a smoke detector in each bedroom and another outside each sleeping area within a home. When possible, sync these alarms for all devices, so if one goes off, they sound and alert together to notify you of any possible danger.

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Pro-Tip: We also recommend installing radon detectors to protect you from dangerous colorless and odorless gasses that can build up over time.


3. Create a Space to Remain Active

Many Americans make several trips weekly to local gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness facilities where they can improve and maintain their physical health. As the nation responded to the spread of Coronavirus, many of these locations temporarily closed. In response, many families created dedicated spaces at home for exercise and meditation. These spaces may look different depending on the types of exercise and activities you enjoy, but equipping your home for working out is an important part of keeping you and your family healthy.

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Pro-Tip: While you may not be able to replace your entire gym experience, a revolving line of credit can be a great way to build up your home gym over time.


4. Maintain Your HVAC System

Viruses, pollutants, allergens, and more can travel in the air we breathe. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many Americans spend as much as 90% of their time inside. Many fail to realize that pollutants can be up to five times more concentrated indoors than outdoors. You can filter out these unwanted air-borne particles in your home by checking the air filters throughout your HVAC system and replacing them on their recommended schedule. Cleaning your HVAC system and ducts can also cut down on irritants by allowing a steady stream of air to circulate throughout your home.

Additionally, indoor plants may promote better air quality indoors. Studies have shown health improvements for those for live or work in buildings with plants compared to those without. Benefits include a reduction in conditions such as:

  • Eye Irritation
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Headaches


5. Improve Your Drinking Water

Clean water is essential for good health. Many people rely on expensive bottled water as their primary source of drinking water at home, creating an ongoing expense that also may not be the healthiest. We recommend installing a whole-home or under-sink water filtration system to guarantee clean, safe drinking water.

Whole-home and under-sink filters remove particles and contaminants from your water, promoting both safety and quality. During a pandemic or other situations when grocery options may be limited, a filtration system ensures a steady supply of clean drinking water is readily available for you and your family. Making the switch from bottled water can also save you money over the filter's lifetime compared to the cost of store-bought bottled water.


How to Finance Major Changes at Home

Making improvements to create a healthy home can offer many benefits, and some upgrades might even offer a long-term payoff. However, it can also mean paying for expenses up front. Whether you’re planning a major home renovation or making smaller changes to keep your family healthier at home, First Service can help. Our home improvement loans give you cash help you tackle any project you might be imagining. With competitive, fixed rates and flexible terms, we make it easy to get a loan that works for you.

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