Courtesy Pay is a credit union product that automatically pays transactions when a checking account is overdrawn. There is no charge for having the Courtesy Pay feature unless it is utilized. Otherwise, it is $30.00 for each transaction covered.


  • It is discreet.
  • No embarrassment of bouncing a check or ACH transaction.
  • No merchant fees for a returned check or ACH transaction.
  • Courtesy Pay eliminates the chance that the transaction will be reported to a check reporting service.
  • The checking account will be covered to a negative balance up to the qualifying amount.

Requirements for Courtesy Pay:

  • Age of 18 or older
  • Qualifying Checking account in good standing (*Excludes the Fresh Start Checking)
  • No delinquent loans
  • No tax levies
  • Account must be at a positive balance at least once every twenty days

Posted in: Debit & Credit Cards