Stay on the right track with your short-term or immediate and long-term saving plans. Open an FSCU Savings account today!


Primary Savings

Open the account with only $5 and earn dividends every day that your balance is over $100. If that weren’t good enough, you can use it as collateral to get some fantastic loan rates.

Money Market

Tiered interest rates so that you can earn more as your balance grows while still getting the instant access you need. What’s more? Your deposits are insured up to $250,000.


Whether you are saving for retirement or saving to help pay for college, IRAs are an investment in the future. AND, contributions may even be tax-deductible.

Certificates of Deposit

Let your savings work for you. Earn money on your savings without risking your principal. Smart? We think so too.

Club Accounts

The best way to save for something specific–holidays, vacations, and more–all while earning dividends as you make regular deposits. Just send us a postcard.