Get Even More When You Use Your First Service Card

This holiday season, every purchase you make using your First Service Visa® debit or credit card has a chance to be a winner! Beginning Monday, November 1, 2021 through Sunday, January 2, 2022, we will select 25 transactions per week in a random drawing. Winning entries will receive a credit to their main share account equal to the transaction amount, up to $100.00.116

How You Can Earn Entries

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One

Step 1

Make purchases using your First Service Visa debit or credit card.

Step Two

Step 2

Watch your email to see if any of your transactions have been selected.

Step Three

Step 3

Continue using your card! Members are eligible to win multiple times throughout the Swipestakes!

Earn DOUBLE Entries on Some Purchases

First Service will DOUBLE your entry when you use your card to pay for the following:

  • Holiday Travel
    • Airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, transportation, travel agencies, cruises, and tour packages
  • Entertainment
    • Movies, sporting events, recreation, theatre, museum visits, amusement parks, etc.
  • Gasoline
    • Service Stations and Pay at the Pump
  • Dining Out
    • Any restaurant, fast food establishment, or bakery (including donut shops)
  • Digital Media, Games, Merchandise, Services, and Subscriptions
    • Streaming services, online games, network/web services, recurring subscriptions, Amazon Prime, in-app purchases
  • Books, Music, and Software Purchases
    • Barnes and Noble, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

Holiday Swipestakes FAQs

All members with a consumer checking account and a debit card and members with an active First Service Visa® credit card are eligible to participate. Business checking and credit card accounts are excluded from this promotion.

Participating is easy! Simply use your First Service Visa® debit or credit card to make purchases between Monday, November 1, 2021 and Sunday, January 2, 2022.

Not all transactions are eligible for the Holiday Swipestakes. ATM withdrawals, person-to-person transfers, and purchases made using a digital wallet will be excluded. However, all other transactions will earn a single or double entry.

Pro-Tip: For even more entries, use your First Service debit card to pay monthly bills – such as recurring subscription service payments – that you might normally have set on autopay.

Each week, First Service will select 25 transactions from the previous week in a random drawing. Winning entries will receive a credit to their main share account equal to the transaction amount, up to $100.00.

You can! A member can win more than once if they have transactions that are selected in different weekly drawings. However, winners may only win one time per week.

Members with a winning entry will receive an email notification from First Service that details the transaction that was selected and when credit will be posted to their main share account.

More information about the promotion can be found in the Official Rules.

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